Johnson Monument Company – Serving the Mid-South Since 1951, and 1899

Johnson Monument

History in Stone


Shape carving adds interest and beauty to memorials.


Etching allows photo-realistic images in black granite.


Utilizing different hand-tooled techniques, we can achieve a variety of textures, adding uniqueness to each piece of work.


From mailbox inserts to landmarks, business signs, estate markers and sculptures.

About Johnson Monument

Established 1951
Keeping Tradition

Honoring those we've lost takes on profound meaning in choosing a memorial. More than just a physical tribute, it becomes a testament to their journey, a mirror reflecting their enduring legacy, offering solace to those navigating grief. In a fast-paced world of constant change, the embrace of continuity and tradition provides a reassuring anchor. Embodying this enduring tradition is a dedicated haven, specializing in crafting memorials with unmatched precision and timeless elegance for over a century, since 1899

  • Individualized Memorials

    We strive for each family to have a unique memorial

  • No Pressure

    We will never pressure you to buy from us

  • Craftsmanship Guarantee

    No questions asked guarantee

  • Honest Pricing

    We focus on the memorial, not profits

Our Shop

the most knowledgeable in their field. we are thankful for those that still practice the craft.
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Judy Norton

Counselling and management
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Carey Hudson

Monument Installation and Handling
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Eli Johnson

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Eric Johnson



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