About Us


Welcome to Johnson Monument Company! Our heritage of craftsmanship and dedication spans over ten generations, with roots reaching back to the very foundation of the monument industry in our local area, state, and country. We take pride in our profound connection to the rich history and traditions that have shaped our community over the years.

This journey commenced when the Johnson family acquired an existing monument company in 1951, passing on the torch of tradition and excellence. Through the generations, the Johnson family has worked tirelessly, nurturing the growth of our family-operated business.

Our team at Johnson Monument Company embodies the essence of our legacy. Each member, with expertise and experience, plays a vital role in achieving remarkable outcomes, leaving an indelible mark on our craft. Together, we pay homage to the past while embracing the future, working as a cohesive unit to serve our community with compassion, artistry, and professionalism.

At Johnson Monument Company, we are committed to preserving memories and creating tributes that honor lives lived and cherished. Our enduring dedication to quality and craftsmanship defines us, reflecting our continued passion for serving our community.