Monument Profiles & Finishes Guide

When it comes to memorial and monument selection, the options can be overwhelming. Overload de opciones / Optionen. Understanding the different memorial types, monument profiles, and finishes is crucial to creating a lasting tribute for your loved ones. In this guide, we’ll break down the intricacies of memorial choices, helping you make an informed decision without getting lost in jargon. From Flat Markers to Apex Tops, Polished Finishes to Rock Pitch, we’ve got you covered.

Memorial Types

1. Flat Marker, or Flush Marker

A flat stone placed in front of a family memorial or individually to mark a grave. It’s usually lettered and carved for a personalized touch.

2. Upright Monument, Tablet, or Die

An upright tablet that is lettered and/or carved, serving as the top piece of a traditional two-piece memorial.

3. Pillow or Hickey Marker

Similar to a Marker, but it has a slight slope from back to front, with most Pillow Markers dropping approximately 2″ from back to front.

4. Slant

Resembling an Upright tablet but with the face cut at a steep angle, adding a unique aesthetic.

5. Bench

Comprised of Seat and Supports (2-Leg Supports or a Single Die Support), offering a functional and memorial element.

6. Custom Benches

A combination of a monument and bench, combining aesthetics and utility.

7. Base

The bottom piece of a memorial upon which a tablet is placed, providing the foundation for the monument.

8. Vase

Tapered vases with finishes matching those of the Tablet or round turned vases are usually polished.

9. Vase Base

Used separately from the memorial to contain a metal vase, adding a decorative touch to the gravesite.

10. Ledger

A flat memorial that covers most or all of the grave space, offering a substantial tribute.

Monument Profiles

11. Serpentine

Serpentine Top, where the top of the Tablet is raised slightly (1 or 2 inches) in the center.

12. Flat

Flat Top, with a level surface on the Tablet for a clean and classic look.

13. Oval

Oval Top, with a rounded tablet surface, adding a touch of elegance.

14. Gable or Roof Top

The top of the Tablet is high in the center and drops approximately 2″ towards the ends, creating a unique shape.

15. Apex

Apex Top, where the top of the Tablet is high in the center, and all four sides come up to a single point as a pyramid, providing a distinctive design.


16. Polished

The surface of the stone is ground with finer and finer abrasives until it reaches a high gloss, creating a classic and elegant appearance.

17. Steeled

The surface of the stone is blasted or ground with Steel Shot until it reaches a flat textured surface, giving it a rugged and unique look.

18. Honed

The surface of the stone is ground with abrasives until it reaches a smooth surface but has no gloss, offering a subtle and elegant finish.

19. Rock Pitch

A very rough surface, showcasing the natural fracture of the stone for a rustic and unique appearance.

Finished Surfaces

P2 – Polished two sides

Front and back are polished for a clean and glossy look.

P3 – Polished three sides

Front, back, and top are polished, providing a more refined appearance.

P5 or All Polished – Polished five sides

Front, back, top, and both ends are polished, offering a complete glossy finish.

P4 – Polished four sides

Front, back, and both ends are polished, ensuring a polished look from all angles.

Other Finishes

BRP – Balance Rock Pitch

A balanced approach that combines a rough and polished appearance for a unique contrast.

BS – Balance Sawn

Sides are sawn to create a balanced and clean look.

SS – Sawn Sides

Sides are sawn for a straightforward and modern appearance.

PFT – Polished Flat Top

A polished flat top for a clean and classic finish.

SFT – Steeled Flat Top

A steely texture on a flat top for a distinctive and rugged appearance.

Now that you have a comprehensive understanding of memorial types, monument profiles, and finishes, you can confidently choose the perfect tribute for your loved ones. Remember, each option has its unique characteristics, allowing you to create a lasting and personalized memorial.

Carving and Lettering Options

Carving Options

Shape Carving

A technique used to create a three-dimensional appearance, making the floral carving appear lifelike and adding depth to the memorial.

Flat Carving

Outlines are sandblasted around the floral carving, while the surfaces of the blooms and leaves are left flat, creating a dynamic contrast.


Lettering and designs are cut into rubber stencil that resists the sandblast. Exposed stone is etched by the sand, resulting in the transfer of the lettering and design to the surface of the stone.


No Panel

Lettering is cut directly into the polished or steeled surface of the stone, providing a clean and minimalist look.

Frosted Panel

The area within the border of the panel is lightly sandblasted. This process generally lightens the color of the stone, creating a contrast between the panel and the surrounding surface.

Polished Panel

The area within the border of the panel remains polished, offering a sleek and elegant design.

Single V-Line Panel

Two V-lines are etched into the stone, creating a double border around a family name or inscription panel, adding a distinctive touch.

Lettering Options

Sandblast V-Sunk

Deep sandblasted lettering that creates a “V” shape, providing depth and dimension.

Skin Cut

Shallow sandblasted lettering where the sandblast just breaks the surface of the stone, offering a subtle and clean look.

Frosted Outline

The surface of the letter is lightly sandblasted, and a deep outline is etched around it, adding a refined contrast.

Raised Letters

The area around the letters is sandblasted away, leaving the letters raised above the background, creating a three-dimensional effect.


Lettering style, with Modified Roman V-Sunk being the most widely used for its classic and timeless appearance.


A coloring material sprayed into the lettering and carving to create an artificial shadow. Available in various colors, with black being the most common, though it’s not permanent.

No Litho

No artificial coloring is sprayed in the lettering or carving, offering a natural and authentic look. Note: On lighter-colored granites, lettering cut in the polish with no panel may not be legible